New Packaging - New Me

Keep a look out for our new packaging which we are progressively rolling out over the coming weeks. The new packaging is recyclable but we will still offer our pod consolidation service to those environmentally conscience customers.

Guilty Pleasure

With this new packaging we have just launched a new coffee blend called “Guilty Pleasure” Featuring a balanced harmony of coffee and caramel with a hint of toffee, we use only the finest beans from famed coffee farms in Colombia and Brazil to delight your tastebuds.

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Paul Manser
Traveller's guide to coffee pods

The biggest coffee growing regions of the World are between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Jacob Pod has explored these regions to understand the subtle intricacies of these regions and making the most of the ultimate coffee pod.

South America
In South America, coffee growing regions like Guatemala and Colombia have the rugged landscapes and rich volcanic soil favorable to growing coffee. Colombia’s coffee, famous for the quality and flavor of its beans, is the 3rd largest exporter of coffee in the world behind Vietnam.

Peru, Honduras and Costa Rica while the volume doesn’t even represent 4% of the production from Brazil, Costa Rica has earned a reputation for some of the best coffee in Central America. The majority of coffee production takes place on small farms, also known as fincas.

The production of coffee in Java started in the 17th century, initiated by the Dutch who began to export it to the rest of the world. The success was such that to this day, we all know and use the term a cup of java.
Indonesia coffee production amounts to roughly 6% of global exports, it provides the world with “aged coffee”. a coffee bean that improves with age, held for a while in the warm and damp climate bear a distinctive deep body and less acidic flavour.

Legend has it that Ethiopia is the mother land of the coffee plant. The Goatherder Kaldi noticed a rush of energy in his flock after they nibbled on red berries. Intrigued, he tasted some himself and was quickly convinced he had found a valuable source of energy.

The flavour profile of our coffee pods and the bean origination is from some of these exotic locations around the world.

9Artboard 13@3x-100.jpg
  • This One Goes To 11: For a intensity of 11/10 - Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, India and Indonesia.
  • The Quiet Achiever: For a intensity of 7/10 - Ethiopia, Indonesia, Brazil & Colombia
  • Smooth Caffeinator: For a intensity of 5/10 - Peru, Honduras and Nicaragua


Coffee roasting locations of the world
Nespresso Compatible Pod Testing
testing nespresso pods

Not all Nespresso compatible pods are made equal. It is important to ensure that your pods work with all popular locally sold coffee pod machine brands. Jacob Pod undergoes thorough testing in is packaging facility every day to ensure that all pods that come off the filling line works across all relevant Australian coffee machines. So that we can provide you with not only the best coffee but also the most compatible coffee pods.

The team,
Jacob Pod.

Our Coffee Bags are made from Biodegradable Plastic

Jacob Pod packages its pods in Oxo-Degradable paper bags called “bak2earth” that are made with between 45-60% renewable wood pulp starch and this is completely oxo-degradable. This bags are USA Astm D-6868 and D-6400 approved standard and 100% of wood pulp portion will be dissolved in approx 85 days with home composting facility. The balance of of the packaging (55-40%) is from fossil and it has additive which helps total packaging breakdown in approximately ten years. Whilst still allowing the coffee pods a barrier to ensure a maximum shelf life from preventing oxygen from entering the packaging.

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Reducing the environment impact of coffee pods
Hiking and Coffee are an amazing combination

It can never be understated the impact of manufacturing on the environment, whether it be the intense production for the coffee industry or any other industry. Sustainable practices is the key for ensuring we meet both the needs of our present generation and for those future generations. The simple coffee bean is one of the most important and actively traded commodities in the world. A recent study found that, from seed to mug, each cup of coffee uses about 140 liters of “virtual water,” for irrigation, processing, shipping and as well as for consumption. This is a concern as to what as a consumer or as a coffee pod provider, how can we help reduce the negative impact we leave on this earth.

Fair trade certification is the most important certification requirement for the coffee industry, this helps ensure economic stability for farmers by providing them a base price for their coffee and encouraging them to adopt more sustainable farming practices. Jacob Pod, being one of the last processes in the coffee supply chain, is continually looking to further push the coffee pod industry into a state of zero environmental impact.

All of Jacob Pod's coffee pods and manufactured, blended and roasted in Sydney, shipped using biodegradable packaging with a 100% carbon neutral freight carrier. We are taking our own steps in our journey to ensure we leave only footprints, take only memories.


Producing the best tasting coffee pod

The art to the perfect pod coffee isn’t the machine, it’s the pod.

Our pods have a unique air tight seal on the back of the pod to allow for maximum water flow and pressure that creates a smooth crema and aroma regardless of how much you may have invested in your Nespresso machine is.

Most pods on the market are made using a plastic backing which some machines struggle penetrating so they are unable to force the maximum amount of water through the pod so the flavour profile is different each time which isn’t ideal, both in terms of colour, intensity, aroma and aftertaste. It is this simple yet gourmet coffee pod design that helps allow the greatest coffee flow and liquid to cleanly pass through the coffee pod and into your coffee cup.

Jacob Pod gives you an alternative and real taste for your coffee pod experience, we have carefully selected our flavours and intensities to ensure the best tasting coffee pod in Australia.

Choosing the right compatible coffee pod for you.

1. A nice, strong well blended and full coffee pod.
It is not a rare opinion that a good hit of coffee is a great start to the day. And with our busy lives this is sometimes a split second decision that can make or break the rest of the day. We have ensured our coffee pods are built to give you a real kick. Each pod contains approximately 5.6 grams of fresh coffee, this is a premium amount from our experience with the coffee pods out there. 

2. The pod coffee flow, crema and a keen eye.
The beauty of coffee pods is the whirl of great coffee instantly, but like all coffee there is an art to ensuring that your coffee is amazing every time. Watch carefully the flow of your coffee, the caramel extraction and the pour. Be sure to stop the gently pouring coffee before the espresso crema becomes too light in colour, as this can cause bitterness in the coffee. Trial and error with your coffee every morning will help you perfect this great experience for you, your family and friends.

3. Where to start with Jacob Pod?
If you are a beginner to Jacob Pod Nespresso Compatible Coffee pods we recommend starting, with our 7/10 strength offer, The Quiet Achiever! This coffee is a blend of beans from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Brazil and Colombia; ‘The Quiet Achiever’ is a balance of strong caramel sweetness together with a mellow acidity.