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Producing the best tasting coffee pod

The art to the perfect pod coffee isn’t the machine, it’s the pod.

Our pods have a unique air tight seal on the back of the pod to allow for maximum water flow and pressure that creates a smooth crema and aroma regardless of how much you may have invested in your Nespresso machine is.

Most pods on the market are made using a plastic backing which some machines struggle penetrating so they are unable to force the maximum amount of water through the pod so the flavour profile is different each time which isn’t ideal, both in terms of colour, intensity, aroma and aftertaste. It is this simple yet gourmet coffee pod design that helps allow the greatest coffee flow and liquid to cleanly pass through the coffee pod and into your coffee cup.

Jacob Pod gives you an alternative and real taste for your coffee pod experience, we have carefully selected our flavours and intensities to ensure the best tasting coffee pod in Australia.