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Traveller's guide to coffee pods

The biggest coffee growing regions of the World are between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Jacob Pod has explored these regions to understand the subtle intricacies of these regions and making the most of the ultimate coffee pod.

South America
In South America, coffee growing regions like Guatemala and Colombia have the rugged landscapes and rich volcanic soil favorable to growing coffee. Colombia’s coffee, famous for the quality and flavor of its beans, is the 3rd largest exporter of coffee in the world behind Vietnam.

Peru, Honduras and Costa Rica while the volume doesn’t even represent 4% of the production from Brazil, Costa Rica has earned a reputation for some of the best coffee in Central America. The majority of coffee production takes place on small farms, also known as fincas.

The production of coffee in Java started in the 17th century, initiated by the Dutch who began to export it to the rest of the world. The success was such that to this day, we all know and use the term a cup of java.
Indonesia coffee production amounts to roughly 6% of global exports, it provides the world with “aged coffee”. a coffee bean that improves with age, held for a while in the warm and damp climate bear a distinctive deep body and less acidic flavour.

Legend has it that Ethiopia is the mother land of the coffee plant. The Goatherder Kaldi noticed a rush of energy in his flock after they nibbled on red berries. Intrigued, he tasted some himself and was quickly convinced he had found a valuable source of energy.

The flavour profile of our coffee pods and the bean origination is from some of these exotic locations around the world.

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  • This One Goes To 11: For a intensity of 11/10 - Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, India and Indonesia.
  • The Quiet Achiever: For a intensity of 7/10 - Ethiopia, Indonesia, Brazil & Colombia
  • Smooth Caffeinator: For a intensity of 5/10 - Peru, Honduras and Nicaragua


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