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Reducing the environment impact of coffee pods
Hiking and Coffee are an amazing combination

It can never be understated the impact of manufacturing on the environment, whether it be the intense production for the coffee industry or any other industry. Sustainable practices is the key for ensuring we meet both the needs of our present generation and for those future generations. The simple coffee bean is one of the most important and actively traded commodities in the world. A recent study found that, from seed to mug, each cup of coffee uses about 140 liters of “virtual water,” for irrigation, processing, shipping and as well as for consumption. This is a concern as to what as a consumer or as a coffee pod provider, how can we help reduce the negative impact we leave on this earth.

Fair trade certification is the most important certification requirement for the coffee industry, this helps ensure economic stability for farmers by providing them a base price for their coffee and encouraging them to adopt more sustainable farming practices. Jacob Pod, being one of the last processes in the coffee supply chain, is continually looking to further push the coffee pod industry into a state of zero environmental impact.

All of Jacob Pod's coffee pods and manufactured, blended and roasted in Sydney, shipped using biodegradable packaging with a 100% carbon neutral freight carrier. We are taking our own steps in our journey to ensure we leave only footprints, take only memories.