the finer details of our coffee

About Our Coffee Beans

We have sourced the finest coffee beans from around the world, we blend them and roast them locally in Australia. We only choose the best beans to blend, we use Fair Trade organic plantations and give back to the boarder coffee community.

About The Pods

How much coffee is in each pod?
JacobPod coffee pods contain approximately 6 grams of fresh coffee, more than most pods on the market. 

How long can I store my JacobPod coffee pods?
JacobPod coffee pods are best enjoyed within 30 days of opening the pack but can be stores in a cool, dry place for up to 12 months. 

Can JacobPod coffee pods be recycled? 
We have tried our best to create a product that doesn't cause stress on our environment that's why we only used biodegradable packaging and our pods are made using food grade plastic which can be recycled in most councils across Australia once you remove the foil and coffee but not all. Please check with your local council.

Will JacobPod coffee pods damage my Nespresso® machine?
Absolutely not we have design our pods from the finest materials that are guaranteed not to melt in your machines during operation. Our pods are specifically designed for Nespresso® system so it will not damage your machine.  

How do I maintain my machine?
Maintaining your machine is an important part getting the best from your pods. You should look to descale your machine once every 6 weeks if you use it twice a day - if you use it more than twice a day we would recommend descaling your machine once a month. You can purchase desalinate from the cleaning aisle of your supermarket, it's important that you follow all instructions on the packaging.