Caffeinator Sampler

Caffeinator Sampler

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Mix things up with the Caffeinator Sampler. Featuring an even assortment of Jacob Pod’s all-star selection. This best selling pack will not disappoint!

Comes in 2 quantities 40 Pods, or 80 Pods. 

"Smooth Caffeinator"               Intensity : 5/10

An elegant blend of citrus freshness and cocoa depth, ‘The Smooth Caffeinator’ is organic and its subtle taste comes from the famed growing fields of Peru, Honduras and Nicaragua.


“The Quiet Achiever”               Intensity : 7/10

A blend of beans from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Brazil and Colombia; ‘The Quiet Achiever’ is a balance of strong caramel sweetness together with a mellow acidity.


“This One Goes to Eleven”      Intensity : 11/10

A rich and complex coffee grown from beans in Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, India and Indonesia; ‘This One Goes to Eleven’ is a dark and intense pod. The coffee is full-bodied featuring notes of cinnamon, fig and dark chocolate.


“Guilty Pleasure”      Intensity : 8/10

Featuring a balanced harmony of coffee and caramel with a hint of toffee, 'Guilty Pleasure' uses only the finest beans from famed coffee farms in Colombia and Brazil to delight your tastebuds.

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