The Traveller Pack

The Traveller Pack

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The Traveller Pack - featuring Crumpler Bag, Minipresso & Pods

Includes 15% off Pods within pack

“Never let yourself get attached to anything that you cannot walk out on in thirty seconds if you feel the heat around the corner,” Neil McCauley (Robert Di Nero), Heat.

For those needing to make a quick get-away, but worried about where their next caffeine fix is coming from; Traveller Pack is the ultimate ‘grab and go’ coffee option.  

Featuring a Crumpler made weather-resistant and highly durable coffee bag and a selection of our most popular pods, this gift will be the first thing you reach for the next time you hear "the in-laws are coming to visit!"

The weather-proof Crumpler Coffee Bag features:

  • SR Buckle closure main storage zone

  • 2x internal pockets for small items

  • Quick access pocket

  • Removable and adjustable shoulder strap

  • Lightweight and soft to touch

  • 400 x 400D Full Dull Nylon

The Traveller Pack includes:

  • Wacaco MiniPresso NS –Nespresso®-compatible portable espresso maker.

  • Espresso Cup (Built-In)

  • Cleaning Brush Soft Cloth Pouch

  • 50ml water capacity

Also includes:

Your selected quantity of our podded favourites; ‘This One Goes To Eleven’, 'Smooth Caffeinator’ & The ‘Quiet Achiever.’

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