The Adventure Kit

The Adventure Kit

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The Adventure Kit - featuring the  Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine

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The early morning air is still. Trees stand motionless along the narrow trail. Campers crawl from their tents, stretch and smile. But not you, you haven’t had your morning brew. The day greets you like a punch in the face.

Claire crouches at your tent in active-wear and asks if you want to join yoga. You grunt like a Neanderthal before driving thirty minutes to a roadside café, where a bulbous, middle-aged man with the type of moustache that says, ‘I’m no longer allowed within 200 metres of a primary school,’ pours out thick black sludge for 4 dollars a cup.

At Jacod Pod, we don’t want to see anyone’s fear of a bad coffee get in the way of their love of the outdoors. That’s why we’ve developed the travelling coffee lovers best friend, The Adventure Kit.

The Adventure Kit features:

  • Wacaco MiniPresso NS –Nespresso®-compatible portable espresso maker.

  • Coffee Scoop (Built-In)

  • Espresso Cup (Built-In)

  • Cleaning Brush Soft Cloth Pouch

Also choose from an assortment of our podded favourites; ‘This One Goes To Eleven’, ‘Smooth Caffeinator’ and ‘The Quiet Achiever.’

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