50 Pod Caffeinator Sampler - Monthly Promotion

50 Pod Caffeinator Sampler - Monthly Promotion


Exclusive Offer FOR NEW CUSTOMERS - 50 Pod Caffeinator Sampler by JacobPod for $35. Receive FREE Delivery when you enter promo code GAD2017 at check out.  

50 Pod Caffeinator Sampler by JacobPod contains a sample of our three premium blends which are all Nespresso* Compatible. 

20 Pods - "Smooth Caffeinator"
Intensity - 5/10
Dim the lights, take off your dinner jacket and reach for a jazz flute, because it’s time to be seduced by the smoothest coffee blend to be podded to date.‘The Smooth Caffeinator’ is an elegant blend of citrus freshness and cocoa depth. The coffee is organic and its subtle taste comes from the famed growing fields of Peru, Honduras and Nicaragua.

20 Pods - "The Quiet Achiever"
Intensity - 7/10
Unaffected by the world around it, ‘The Quiet Achiever’ gets it done. While others trumpet their own success and humblebrag their way through the day, this coffee is unpretentious, but reliably excellent. A blend of beans from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Brazil and Colombia; ‘The quiet achiever’ is a balance of strong caramel sweetness together with a mellow acidity.

10 Pods - "This One Goes to Eleven"
Intensity - 11/10
For those coffee drinkers who like to start their mornings with a side-order of personal defibrillation; ‘This One Goes to Eleven’ is a bold, full-strength coffee that knows who it is and isn’t going to apologise for it. A rich and complex coffee grown from beans in Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, India and Indonesia; ‘This One Goes to Eleven’ is a dark and intense pod. The coffee is full-bodied featuring notes of cinnamon, fig and dark chocolate.

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