ICON Exclusive Subscription

ICON Exclusive Subscription

50.00 every month 65.00 every month

You rub the crust from your eyes and rummage through the cupboards for a coffee pod, anything to kickstart your brain. Nothing in the usual coffee tin, none lying on the kitchen bench. You sigh and wonder if anyone would notice if you just went back to bed.

Never feel like this again with a Monthly Coffee Pod Subscription.

  • All Subscriptions come with FREE DELIVERY.

  • Pick a pack and every month we will send it out to you.

  • Cancel or Change your subscription anytime.

ICON Subscription Pack

Includes 100 Pods of the following blends

“The Quiet Achiever”               Intensity : 7/10 60 Pods

A blend of beans from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Brazil and Colombia; ‘The Quiet Achiever’ is a balance of strong caramel sweetness together with a mellow acidity.

“This One Goes to Eleven”      Intensity : 11/10 40 Pods

A rich and complex coffee grown from beans in Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, India and Indonesia; ‘This One Goes to Eleven’ is a dark and intense pod. The coffee is full-bodied featuring notes of cinnamon, fig and dark chocolate.

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